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Monday, September 08, 2014

Kesiannya. Malaysian Dude Can’t Join a FB Group

Kesiannya. Malaysian Dude Can’t Join a FB Group Cause of His Name…

About a month ago, we posted what we thought was our shortest article ever. We were wrong. We present to you our shortest article ever: a chat between a guy with an awesome name and the admin of a fan group for a custom jewelry brand called Steel Flame.

In case you missed it, the group admin probably isn’t too familiar with Asian names and thought there was Sum Ting Wong with the name, like a prank account or something. We’re not entirely sure how affiliated the fan group is with the actual company, so we’re gonna give the brand the benefit of doubt. Plus, their products look pretty good.

Screenshot from Steel Flame’s website

We give Ho Fu Ken credit for not choosing an alternate name like “Bob” and for wearing his with pride. Asian names are awesome.
If you have or know someone with an equally awesome name, send it over to us using the submission form below. We can’t promise you anything in return, but we can credit you and get you coffee at the very least :)

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