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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apple Lists 8 Samsung Products It Wants Banned

Apple Lists 8 Samsung Products It Wants Banned

Apple Inc. on Monday gave a federal judge 
a list of eight Samsung Electronics Co. 
products it wants pulled from shelves 
and banned from the U.S. market, 
including popular Galaxy model smartphones.

Koh on June 26 banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1 
from the U.S. market after finding it likely
 violated a "design patent." Samsung is now 
asking for that ban to be lifted after the jury
 found the computer tablet didn't infringe that 
particular patent, but it did find it infringed three 
Apple's software patents that cover the
 popular "bounce-back" and pinch-to-zoom features.

The 8 Samsung products are:
1. Galaxy S 4G,
2. Galaxy S2 AT&T,
3. Galaxy S2,
4. Galaxy S2 T-Mobile,
5. Galaxy S2 Epic 4G,
6. Galaxy S Showcase,
7. Droid Charge
8. Galaxy Prevail.


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