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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Update Berita Misi Mencari Pesawat MAS MH370.

~ Sudah Lebih 30 hari Misteri Kehilangan MH370, lebih 4 minggu kami tak buat post pasa MH370 , so hari nie ada skit info dari forum..

Hari ke 60..Latest news..

1.AUSTRALIA has already spent about $43 million on the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 say Kym Bergmann, editor of Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter and a former government defence adviser.

2.MH370 came down in our maritime zone of responsibility and it is our international obligation, and our responsibility certainly to pay down our own costs when this activity occurs.

3.About 334 flights have been conducted, for a total of up to 3137 hours in the air.

4.So far, each country involved has borne its own costs. But Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said Australia would be looking for increased involvement from companies such as Boeing – which made the 777 plane – and Rolls Royce – which built the engines – and their host countries.

5.Malaysian Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein added that none of the countries involved had so far raised the matter of costs with Malaysia, and added that there was now “a good platform for others to come forward and participate”.

6.Chinese Transport Minister Yang Chuantang vowed the search would not let up.
“We will continue to search in accordance with the consensus reached at this meeting and assure that the search will not be interrupted, not be suspended, not be given up and not be slacked,” he said.

7.Interestingly, the Chinese are refusing to wait for any private underwater contractor to be be hired, and are sending their own underwater search technology and ship to the search zone this coming Saturday, to continue to try and find the aircraft.

8.This rather secretive Chinese vessel is only defined as "Navy vessel 872, with strong underwater search capabilities".

9.There are apparently requests by some Chinese experts for the Navy to utilise the Chinese manned Jiaolong submersible, which has extreme depth capabilities - 7000M (22,965') - but there is no official indication at this point, that the Jiaolong will be used.

10.One would tend to define the Chinese efforts as "gung-ho", but that's the Chinese way.

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