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Saturday, August 31, 2013


 ~ Selamat hari Kemerdekaan yg ke 56 ~ 
from blog

“Right from the moment when I became Prime Minister, my aim, my thinking, my planning and as a matter of fact my whole heart was set on building up a prosperous and happy Malayan society.”
Tunku Abdul Rahman
Very early in the morning on August 31, members of the public began to file through the entrance gates of ‘Stadium Merdeka’ to witness the Independence ceremony. A large rectangular carpeted dais stood at the center of the stadium. The Rulers, sheltered by yellow silk umbrellas were already in position on the dais. The ‘Paramount Ruler’ sat in the centre with the Duke on his right and Tunku on his left. The Duke handed the Constitutional Instrument to Tunku. Tunku then read aloud the Proclamation of Independence.

With his right arm raised, Tunku then shouted “MERDEKA!” and the crowd thundered “MERDEKA!” in response. Then the Malayan National Anthem “Negaraku” played as the flag of Federation of Malaya is raising. Euphoria swept over the country. Malaya had gained its independence. Tunku had dreamed of a near miracle and on August 31, 1957, he achieved it. A new multiracial nation was born.
Remembered as the “Father of Independence”, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, had recognised the vital importance of fostering cooperation among Malaysia’s various ethnic groups as a way to overcome political problems. It was also Tunku who envisioned the idea of Malaysia – a federation of Malaya, Singapore (which later seceded in 1965), Sabah and Sarawak which was established in 1963. Tunku is also recognised for his elevation of Islam to the status of official religion and he was instrumental in the setting up of the Organisation of Islamic Conference in 1969, of which he was the first Secretary-General. Perhaps Tunku Abdul Rahman’s greatest single achievement was in giving Malaysians a sense of pride and nationhood.
Often, when the very image of Tunku crosses my mind, the soul is filled with pride and respect for the country that I was born to. A country filled with great people, great places, great food and most of all, the sense of patriotism that will forever be in the hearts of all Malaysians.


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