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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

MYR50000 For Jamalul Kiram III head

Tawaran RM50000 untuk Kepala Kiram..siapa cepat dia dapat

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian blogger has offered a reward of RM50,000 for the head of the self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu, Sultan Jamalul Kiram III today, following the killing of eight policemen in Sabah by his followers since Friday.

Blogger SatD said he would forked out his own money and award anyone able to execute Kiram.

"As a Malaysian citizen, I would like to take matters into my own hands now after a citizen of another country sent his 'loyal troops' into our jurisdiction and waged terror on our soil," he wrote in his blog,

The blogger said the attack in Lahad Datu should not be described as an act of war by another nation but a terrorism act by "a bunch of idiots, led by another ***** (who is) under (the) command of another *****".

"If the Philippines does not extradite Kiram to face the necessary charges under our law, then I will now initiate a bounty on his head," he said.

“I shall start with RM50,000 of my own money. I'm dead serious,” he added.

SatD also urged his readers to spread the word and obtain more funds for the reward.

In the meantime, SatD also lambasted PKR vice president Tian Chua for his recent comments on the Lahad Datu intrusion and offered RM5,000 for anyone willing to slap the MP.

“To claim... send in a video of you doing it,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Rocky Bru said SatD’s sentiment was a reflection of how ordinary Malaysians felt about the intrusion but cautioned against those who wanted to take up the offer.

“Malaysian should not risk their lives trying to put down Kiram. Instead, lets get Wisma Putra to demand Manila to arrest Kiram for ordering the terrorist acts on Malaysia,” he said in his post today.


Ini sumber dari sana...dan sudah diconfirmkan dari mamat itu sendiri.

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