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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Samsung S4 and IPhone 6

Samsung S4 and IPhone 6 will be released this year!

Mobile handphone and better yet smartphone have become the main drive in the handheld device these days. It have become a phenomenon when everyone are eager to get the most latest and up to date technologies in their hand or fingers. The power of fingers can move a nation!

The most popular handheld peripherals now is Samsung S3 and IPhone 5 but those things were YESTERDAY! 

There have been a ruckus and rumors where as the Samsung S4 and IPhone 6  will be launched as earlier as Ferbuary 2013! Yes, first thing you should get for next year cart is these two things. Since the rise of touch screen handheld Apple and Samsung had become bitter rivals with neither leaving any opportunity to up the ante on the other. 

The possible design of the Samsung S4.

The S4 specifications

The rumors also stated that the Samsung S4 will be released at the MWC in February 2013, and its comes with 1080p display, 13-Megapixel camera and 3GB RAM. With the 1080p display would sport and incredible 400+ pixels per inch and become one of the most dazzling screens to look at. Yes, there were also many phone developers doing 1080p compared to LED displays and also consumes less amount of power and have longer life. 4.8-inch OLED display with screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is what your are getting out of the S4. As for the screen it going to have In-cell touch technology which is going to make the next Galaxy S generation phone slimmer and lighter as compared to S3. Samsung S4 were said to be equipped with 13 megapixels camera that can pop out pictures with a stunning 4208 x 3120 resolutions. All of all the S4 is confirmed not to be launched in 16GB variant. The phone is expected to be launched in 32GB, 4GB and 128GB memory variants. The S4 will be using a 2.0 Ghz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 3200mAh massive battery, and 1.9 megapixel of Skype certified HD front-facing camera with Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie inside.

The possible design of IPhone 6. 
For those Samsung fans that were disappointed from the review of the Iphone 5 vs Samsung S3 drop test. This time the S4 were said to reign supreme against that drop test. The S4 is going to use more hard and durable material to make the Galaxy S4 housing body compared to Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Due to the lighter OLED display screen the housing body can be rigid as a rock and thicker compared to previous model. 

Although what you are reading above is all the new technology that for sure is expensive the expectations were slightly wrong. The Galaxy S4 32GB were said going to be priced the same as the 
current S3 model in the markets which is USD 599.99 converted to MYR 2099.99+-

The Apple iPhone 6 review?..Later la..:)

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